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Temple EP Listening at Lokko House

Temple EP Listening at Lokko House

We are glad to be back hosting events at our space albeit with a few changes and adjustments. Our last event before the lock down was all the way back in February. Who knew things would change this much.

Since then, we just had an EP listening session with our very good friend & dope artist Temple GH. If you’ve ever been to one of the listening sessions at our space, you’ll realise we are all about the experience & HUMAN interaction.

You can check out the first video released from the EP. A personal favourite here at Lokko House, Bars for Days. Wooo!

Tokyo was feeling the sounds.

This time around we had to observe social-distancing protocols, sanitising of hands & nose mask/face shield wearing. But that didn’t spoil the fun one bit. Temple came through with back to back bars, punchlines, deep dope lyrics and a witty play with words. He also doubles as a DJ, not rap though, but house music.

Temple telling us about his House Music influences.

We sent out invites to a few folk we were sure would most definitely show up (we didn’t want a super packed place). All in all it was a cool event. A chance for us to relive those times we use to have mad linkups before now.

New Interior Design at Lokko House

After resting a bit during the mandated partial lockdown in Accra, we also took some time to straighten up a bit at home. Minor spring cleaning lol. We took a few steps to make our space more social-distance friendly and also refresh our way of doing things a bit without taking away from the experience. Feel free to drop by to have a look. We’re always happy to welcome some familiar faces or new faces.

acn interviews swift law

Swift Law Interviewed by ACN

Our friends from Accra City Nice had an interesting and intriguing conversation on intellectual property, brand protection amongst other things with Samuel Baddoo of Swift Law.

Samuel Baddo (a self-described legal mind with a knack for all things commercial) is a co-founder of Swift Law, an online firm that allows it’s clients incorporate businesses and register trademarks.

Already equipped with a well-spring of experience in advising both local and intellectual businesses on their IP protection strategy across the continent,  he touched on how business, musicians, brands, basically anyone with some form of product or service to offer, can maximise returns from their intellectual property, especially in these times we are living in.

They packed it all in a nice podcast. Go take a listen and gain some insights on how to make the most of your business or brand.

Listen to the full interview here or below.

What is Intellectual Property all about? Specifically to the Ghanaian space, what can businesses and services do to protect their brand and monetise more?
In this episode, Samuel Baddoo, co-founder of Swift Law, breaks it down for us from his recently published book which demystifies the whole idea of IP.

Love in the Accra City with Tommy WÁ

With February being the designated month of love and all, it was just right that our friends from Accra City Nice put together an event centred on the theme of love. The whole idea was to explore the concept of love in the Accra city, the various facets through which it is expressed whilst enjoying sounds from indie artiste Tommy WÁ and later shaking our bodies to the beats of DJ Flavour.

Lokko House | home of urban culture

As always the creatives from ACN changed the format and setting of this event from the previous ones. Instead of the usual indoor setting where the guest can interact with the performers in an enclosed environment, Maweuna, Kofi, Eric & co turned the space in our shop into a cool band stage. The whole set-up was simple and had an indoor-outdoor feel to it (like a movie screening outdoors).

Lokko House | home of urban culture

Watch Tommy WÁ play live at Accra City Nice’s Love in Accra City experience inside Lokko House. Love in Accra city is an exploration of the different aspects of love expressed by creative people in the city of Accra. It’s an experience which allows them showcase their love language through their chosen craft.

Tommy WÁ at Lokko House | Love in Accra City | ACN live acoustic pt.1

“Ray in my blues”
“I don’t want to (share my demons)”

Tommy WÁ at Lokko House | Love in Accra City | ACN live acoustic pt.2

Oluwatomiwa Suleiman Oyakhilome: vocals;
Christoph Philipp Matenaers: drums;
Andrew Asare: lead guitar

Gafacci EP listening at The Warehouse

On the last Friday of January, our buddies from Accra city nice hosted a listening session with pioneering afrobeats producer Gafacci. He shared some songs off his latest extended-play titled “Face the wall”. The EP is a five-track body of work that gives us a glimpse into the immense and diverse talent the famous producer has for his craft.

A man of many talents, Gafacci told a rather somber story of the hurdles he had to overcome during the early phases of his music production career. A testament to the challenges music producers face in this part of the world; Gafacci took us back to the time when he had produced hits songs for artists like Dee Money, D-Black, Chase, and the like yet had nothing concrete to show for in terms of financial stability. The place he lived at the time was directly opposite the wall of the L.A Presby school, where students would shout out his name whenever they see him pass by(him being famous & all). Hence the idea behind the name of the EP “Face the Wall

He also touched on the business side of music and what is takes to thrive in the industry. Alluding to the fact that he gets 90% of his revenue from online music company Bandcamp, he encouraged folks in his line of profession to know how to use whatever tools that are at their disposal to monetize their work. “Producers in this space who are respected are those who know how the politics within the system works”, he said. Also, the interactions with the audience birthed a vague idea of a platform for various producers across the country showcasing their music for like-minded folks.

As usual, Maweuna & Co held down the fort nicely, asking really interesting questions, and engaging with the audience too. All in all, it was a fun night with drinks and laughter all round. We are so looking forward to the next listening session CHALE!

Gafacci Brings It Home On Face The Wall EP

12 Days; An African Lifestyle Event

Our luxury sister brand, Elle Lokko in partnership with some of our stocking brands put together a sales event dubbed,”12 days”. A unique sales event aimed at showcasing contemporary lifestyle brands, 12 days was coined after the famous Christmas poem/song “12 Days of Christmas”.

The event which was held in “The long room” next to our warehouse had on deck brands like Osei duro, Threaded Tribes, 87 Origins, I Am Isigo and many more. With the idea of the 12 days concept in mind(where a loved one gets a special gift every day till Christmas) the sales discount started at 15% on all items and increased steadily till the 12th day at 50%.

It was a mellow and fun experience for both brands and shoppers alike. A curated experience worth recreating again in the near future.

Through the Looking Glass 2.0

Artist/audiophile, Micaiah Wiafe curated the 2nd edition of the, “Through the Looking Glass” art show on the 6th of December, 2019.

Micaiah Wiafe

Taken from the continuation of the famous book, “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll, the title of the exhibition was not only a reference to the curiosity these young artists have towards the evolution of African art but also a metaphor for the use of Augmented Reality(AR) as an intriguing and exciting way of interacting with visual art.

An immersive atmosphere

The pop-up art exhibition featured the works of six young contemporary Ghanaians artists who explored new ways of interacting with their pieces of art. Here they are;

Allyne Mamattah
Allyne Mamattah is an eccentric photographer and visual artist who is dedicated to creating atypical images which are the products of his broad scope of thoughts. He is driven by the desire to create distinctive images that tell impactful stories.

Andy Medjitey
Andy is a creative Ghanaian filmmaker who has an amazing gift of visual storytelling. He has directed music videos professionally for three years now and has collaborated with incredible musical talents such as Odunsi(The Engine), Kidi, Kwesi Arthur, and Cina Soul to mention a few.

Jonathan Preprah
Jonathan is a new media artist and designer whose specialty is brand identity design and digital illustration. He has worked with a variety of brands across different disciplines in crafting a unique identity and voice. A portion of proceeds from selling his art to help children in need.

Horace Mensah Junior
Horace is a photographer who creates his art solely with the iPhone. His work has been featured on the main stage at the 2018 Apple keynote event, as well as the launch of the iPhone XS Max. He was the first runner up in the 2018 Portraits Ghana Awards competition and has showcased in a number of exhibitions within Accra.

Micaiah Wiafe
Micaiah is a multidisciplinary artist whose passion for new media art and creative technology drives him to explore new ways of interacting with art and design.

Sasa King
Sasa is a young Ghanaian contemporary artist who employs the domain of abstract painting to express and give form to her thoughts, emotions, and inspirations. She is currently a student at Webster University Accra and also runs a charitable foundation that holds annual art workshops for children all over Ghana.

A fun experience

One of the functions of art is to encourage creative expression, which goes a long way in influencing the growth and adoption of technology. So it is not a surprise that guests at the event were encouraged to use their smartphones with the help of Augmented Reality(AR) to immerse themselves into the work these artists put together.


It was an eye-opening event and an all-round fun experience.

Playlist Session with Shefroyan & Teochronic

Dance and movement has always been a part of music and rhythm, thus we turned our shop space into a make-shift studio with eccentric professional dancers Shefroyan & Teochronic. So, Instead of having mirrors like the way various indoor dance studios have, our display Windows became an impromptu screen for folks to see how the ladies got down(very sure they could see themselves from the inside aye!!). Dancing in a way connects the movement of bodies to the numerous vibrations coursing through this plane of existence, and yes these ladies showed us that. They even had quick dance tutorials for those in the mood to move & shake their bodies(We didn’t come here to play oo). As usual the house rules applied, drinks in hand and attentive ears to what the heck was going on. Their playlist included everything from the Afrobeats to old school Hip-Hop, which in a way captures how dance worms its way into all forms of expressive art. All in all, it was a really dope event and we look forward to doing something like this sometime soon. Thank you Ladies!

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We're not here to play! The stories of our space need to be told properly, and we're committed to doing our part. Our monthly listening sessions is where the creative people in #accracity share their stories and playlist with other amazing people. The energy is organic and the conversations are real. Last Saturday's session with @shefroyan & @teochronic was something else. Watch out for the podcast and their playlist. Big shouts to our partners who make the magic happen: @lokkohouse @artlifematters @dj_vimtinz 🎥@bra_nanayaa #accracity #accraghana #acnplaylist #contemporarydance #accra #westafrica #ghana #fortheculturebytheculture #accraurban #accraagenda #accracitynice #lokkohouse #artlifematter19 #yearofreturn2019 #yearofreturn #africa #africandance

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