• 6th December 2019

Through the Looking Glass 2.0 at The Warehouse

Through the Looking Glass 2.0 at The Warehouse

Artist/audiophile, Micaiah Wiafe curated the 2nd edition of the, “Through the Looking Glass” art show on the 6th of December, 2019.

Micaiah Wiafe

Taken from the continuation of the famous book, “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Caroll, the title of the exhibition was not only a reference to the curiosity these young artists have towards the evolution of African art but also a metaphor for the use of Augmented Reality(AR) as an intriguing and exciting way of interacting with visual art.

An immersive atmosphere

The pop-up art exhibition featured the works of six young contemporary Ghanaians artists who explored new ways of interacting with their pieces of art. Here they are;

Allyne Mamattah
Allyne Mamattah is an eccentric photographer and visual artist who is dedicated to creating atypical images which are the products of his broad scope of thoughts. He is driven by the desire to create distinctive images that tell impactful stories.

Andy Medjitey
Andy is a creative Ghanaian filmmaker who has an amazing gift of visual storytelling. He has directed music videos professionally for three years now and has collaborated with incredible musical talents such as Odunsi(The Engine), Kidi, Kwesi Arthur, and Cina Soul to mention a few.

Jonathan Preprah
Jonathan is a new media artist and designer whose specialty is brand identity design and digital illustration. He has worked with a variety of brands across different disciplines in crafting a unique identity and voice. A portion of proceeds from selling his art to help children in need.

Horace Mensah Junior
Horace is a photographer who creates his art solely with the iPhone. His work has been featured on the main stage at the 2018 Apple keynote event, as well as the launch of the iPhone XS Max. He was the first runner up in the 2018 Portraits Ghana Awards competition and has showcased in a number of exhibitions within Accra.

Micaiah Wiafe
Micaiah is a multidisciplinary artist whose passion for new media art and creative technology drives him to explore new ways of interacting with art and design.

Sasa King
Sasa is a young Ghanaian contemporary artist who employs the domain of abstract painting to express and give form to her thoughts, emotions, and inspirations. She is currently a student at Webster University Accra and also runs a charitable foundation that holds annual art workshops for children all over Ghana.

A fun experience

One of the functions of art is to encourage creative expression, which goes a long way in influencing the growth and adoption of technology. So it is not a surprise that guests at the event were encouraged to use their smartphones with the help of Augmented Reality(AR) to immerse themselves into the work these artists put together.


It was an eye-opening event and an all-round fun experience.

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