• 26th August 2019

The Revival; An Upcycle Culture

The Revival; An Upcycle Culture

Waste is at the very centre of the clothing and fashion industry, and year after year most, of it ends up dumped in this part of the world. So it’s not a surprise, that the guys from Afrodistrict held an upcycling pop-up event at our warehouse aptly titled, “The Revival”.

An upcycled jean jacket

Aimed at creating awareness of the harm the importation of low-grade secondhand clothes does to the planet, customers were encouraged to get involved in sewing their garments and outfits with items tagged as “fashion waste” with the guidance of experienced tailors and seamstresses.

Customers getting stuff sewn onto their outfits

For two days straight Yayra & Kwamina (founders of Afrodistrict) along with their team of talented tailors and seamstresses turned our warehouse into an upcycling workshop by day. By night the whole ambiance of the place switched up, becoming a lively party zone for customers and fashion waste enthusiasts. We had the likes of famous Disk Jockey, Dj San Gabriel blasting our ears with sounds from all over the world. Also at the event was the self-described modern nomadic chef, Chef Binta of Fulani’s Kitchen to entice us with her food bites(Yummy stuff, mmmm).

Chef Binta with Ekow Branes & Stefania

“We are on a mission to create an upcycling culture in Ghana and worldwide where clothes are reused and recycled instead of dumped”, says the creative collective. “The Revival” upcycle experience did just that with everyone that came and participated in the event. Fun times

Dj San Gabriel with Dj Becky on the turntables

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