• 6th May 2020

Swift Law Interviewed by ACN

acn interviews swift law

Swift Law Interviewed by ACN

What is Intellectual Property all about? Specifically to the Ghanaian space, what can businesses and services do to protect their brand and monetise more?
In this episode, Samuel Baddoo, co-founder of Swift Law, breaks it down for us from his recently published book which demystifies the whole idea of IP.

Our friends from Accra City Nice had an interesting and intriguing conversation on intellectual property, brand protection amongst other things with Samuel Baddoo of Swift Law.

Samuel Baddo (a self-described legal mind with a knack for all things commercial) is a co-founder of Swift Law, an online firm that allows it’s clients incorporate businesses and register trademarks.

Already equipped with a well-spring of experience in advising both local and intellectual businesses on their IP protection strategy across the continent,  he touched on how business, musicians, brands, basically anyone with some form of product or service to offer, can maximise returns from their intellectual property, especially in these times we are living in.

They packed it all in a nice podcast. Go take a listen and gain some insights on how to make the most of your business or brand.

Listen to the full interview here or below.

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