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The Black Sheep Rave

September ended with the Black Sheep Rave in collaboration with The Weird Cult. Oh, it was simply an awesome event. The Weird Cult really pulled this one off and made this event a really fun experience. New school artist $pacely of LaMeme gang fame came through to rave with us and I mean we raved all through the night chale. Drinks, snacks and back to back playback of good music, everything anyone expects from a good ol’ rave. Chale we speed!!

Welcome to The Void

It’s 2008 and Accra was a very different city.
Take a moment to think of all the things we didn’t have back then.
Remember a time when everything was just an idea
and our creative minds were still asking themselves


Follow this exhibition for the next 10 days.
It is a mixed media experience that combines the use of space, sound and video
to jog your memory and take you back to, and through,
2008 – the year we opened
right up to today,
10 years later in 2018.

The final reveal of the entire exhibition will be an installation on the

19th of December, 2018 at The Container Accra.
Drinks and bites after at Front/Back.

Welcome to our past,
see you in our future.

there’s some audio gems
in our soundcloud playlist here
for an even more intense experience.
close your eyes,
headphones in,
ready, set…
time travel!


ok ok we get it.
you need visuals…
here goes…

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