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Temple EP Listening at Lokko House

Temple EP Listening at Lokko House

We are glad to be back hosting events at our space albeit with a few changes and adjustments. Our last event before the lock down was all the way back in February. Who knew things would change this much.

Since then, we just had an EP listening session with our very good friend & dope artist Temple GH. If you’ve ever been to one of the listening sessions at our space, you’ll realise we are all about the experience & HUMAN interaction.

You can check out the first video released from the EP. A personal favourite here at Lokko House, Bars for Days. Wooo!

Tokyo was feeling the sounds.

This time around we had to observe social-distancing protocols, sanitising of hands & nose mask/face shield wearing. But that didn’t spoil the fun one bit. Temple came through with back to back bars, punchlines, deep dope lyrics and a witty play with words. He also doubles as a DJ, not rap though, but house music.

Temple telling us about his House Music influences.

We sent out invites to a few folk we were sure would most definitely show up (we didn’t want a super packed place). All in all it was a cool event. A chance for us to relive those times we use to have mad linkups before now.

Gafacci EP listening at The Warehouse

On the last Friday of January our buddies from Accra city nice hosted a listening session with pioneering afrobeats producer Gafacci. He shared some songs off his latest extended-play titled “Face the wall”. The EP is a five track body of work that give us a glimpse into immense and diverse talent the famous producer has for his craft.

A man of many talents, Gafacci told a rather somber story of the hurdles he had to overcome during the early phases of his music production career. A testament to the challenges music producers face in this part of the world; Gafacci took us back to the time when he had produced hits songs for artists like Dee Money, D-Black, Chase and the like yet had nothing concrete to show for in terms of financial stability. The place he lived at the time was directly opposite the wall of the L.A presby school, where students would shout out his name whenever they see him pass by(him being famous & all). Hence the idea behind the name of the EP “Face the Wall

He also touched on the business side of music and what is takes to thrive in the industry. Alluding to the fact that he gets 90% of his revenue from online music company bandcamp, he encouraged folks in his line of profession to know how to use whatever tools that are at their disposal to monetize their work. “Producers in this space who are respected are those who know how the politics within the system works”, he said. Also, the interactions with the audience birthed a vague idea of a platform for various producers across the country showcasing their music for like-minded folks.

As usual Maweuna & co held down the fort nicely, asking really interesting questions, and engaging with the audience too. All in all it was a fun night with drinks and laughter all round. We are so looking forward to the next listening session CHALE!

Gafacci Brings It Home On Face The Wall EP

Art Water II

Visual Artist Midichi turned our warehouse into a brilliant display of amazing art pieces from various talented artists across the city. The contemporary art community in Ghana is steadily growing with the help of the internet serving as a key catalyst. Artists that we would on other occasions not have heard of or overlooked are now emerging to create eye catching art pieces that are both intruiging and interesting to behold. Artists like Artsoul kojo, Kwame Kyei, Hanson Akatti, Kpe Innocent and many others showcased their art paintings. This is the 2nd edition of the Art Water exhibition and from the way things turned out we are going to have an Art Water III in the not so distant future.

HipHop Playlist session with Yoyo Tinz

Our Hiphop playlist sessions with Accra City Nice are always lit!(No doubts about that!!), this time around we had Yoyo Tinz come through on the 4th of October with some jamming songs on their playlist. Honestly, it was kind of like a pre-jam party to the Yoyo Tinz festival that happened afterward. We got to listen to some new music from upcoming artiste Afrochale also from the Yoyo Tinz camp, yup! it was definitely good vibes.

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Last week's talk with @accracitynice And @yoyotinz for the hip hop festival 😎😊😊 credit: @yoyotinzfestival… Guess who’s baaaack? your favourite hip hop outfit, yoyo tinz returning from 9th to 13th October with the second edition of the #yoyotinzfestival. Of course, we came along with our GOAT, whose steeze has switched up a little bit, to reflect this year’s focus on dance. Go get your dance sneakers ready and follow yoyo tinz festival on social media to get all the details about venue, line up and ticketing. : : #yoyotinz #yoyotinzfestival #fortheculture #thegoat #simplyhiphop #accra #ghana #westafrica #hiphop #africa #yearofreturn #hiphopculture #ghanahiphop #urbanculture

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The Black Sheep Rave

September ended with the Black Sheep Rave in collaboration with The Weird Cult. Oh, it was simply an awesome event. The Weird Cult really pulled this one off and made this event a really fun experience. New school artist $pacely of LaMeme gang fame came through to rave with us and I mean we raved all through the night chale. Drinks, snacks and back to back playback of good music, everything anyone expects from a good ol’ rave. Chale we speed!!

Violence Against women march

Dozens of women in the capital marched to protest the brutal violence that has been happening this the country for a long time now. Ever since the #metoo movement began, women all over the world have found their voice and are coming out in their numbers to speak out against the horrific acts of violence against women. The march climaxed with a vigil at the Elle lokko warehouse and saw a number of women share their personal stories of hurt and pain.

Violence against women march

The Pop Shop, a fashion waste initiative

Yup! Our own fashion waste reduction initiative is running again this time in a brand new space. We had mad fun as folks came around to shop and vibe with us. This time around we had a Polaroid moment thanks to our lovely friend Edinam Azumah. The Pop Shop is open Monday-Friday from 10am-7pm, pass through whenever you are around.


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@thepopshopgh tomorrow @ellelokko 😎 !!

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Revival! Revival!! Revival!!!

We linked up with the guys from Afrodistrict, Yayra & Kwamina, for two awesome days of a pop-up upcycling experience. It was a scene of creative buzz; folks were getting pants resized, patches sewn on shirts, jackets & bags, just a whole lot of zany stuff. If not for anything at all we were able turn old, second-hand items into cool,trendy stuff.

Oh, most of the clothes came from Kantamanto, Accra’s very own 2nd hand clothing hub, so we really did revive the fashion waste initiative during this event.



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Gratitude to all who attended The REVIVAL! REVIVAL! REVIVAL!. The Upcycling Experience Was amazing to you all come create and vibe. Photo by @scarpictures101 @lokkohouse Big thanks to Collab @lokkohouse @theweirdcult@accracitynice @djsangabriel @beccy.korang @fulani_kitchen Thanks to all those who supported and inspired this great initiative @marchenoirlomeparis @_melody_honey_ @kino_zen @usubiri @2ble_tk @artcomesfirst @donnamanfania @artsoulkojo @frvnk.e @art_makere @hanimanns @kdboison@getupstandout@theorispresent @chef_binta Everyone! Let's do this again soon. The Upcycling Culture. #spiritofsustainability #upcycling #ecosustainable #recyclingclothes

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East Meets West

Our lovely friends Makeda & Maame held a pop up event dubbed East meets West | A Rwandan experience in the heart of Accra and it was truly an amazing affair. For some of us that know next to nothing about the fashion & lifestyle scene in other African countries in the east and south of the continent, it was chance for us to see what a country like Rwanda had to offer. The vibe was all bubbly and lively as we danced to good music whiles shopping for some cool stuff  they had on display. They promised us shopping, selfies, cocktails, interesting convos and they did just that. We look forward to having them again with us for such an event.

East Meets West

East Meets West

Another Hip Hop in Ghana Playlist feat. DJ Vimtinz & Temple

Our team in collaboration with our cultural influencer friends from Accra City Nice put together a playlist listening session dubbed “Hip-Hop in Ghana playlist”. The idea was to have a block-party style listening session where the audience gets to jam and rave to mad Hip-Hop tunes. Turns out that’s exactly what happened; the situation was LIT!!. We had cool and virtually new acts like Kwadjo Spiri, Jo Esko, Yung Bazz among others come to perform much to the pleasure of the crowd. Temple of Pata Camp took us through some of his favourite Hip-Hop songs and kept the energy high with his dope freestyle performances. All in all, it was a really good event and the folks that came through left the place with a memorable experience etched in the back of their minds. A podcast of the discussion we had during the event is available on the Accra City Nice Soundcloud page.





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