• 1st November 2020

Room in Room with Betina Quest

Room in Room with Betina Quest

Over the weekend we had the privilege to be among the first listeners to all the songs on Betina Quest‘s latest project called “Room in a Room“. The LP which is to be released later this month is more than just music. One of our favourites (and the song that describes who she is currently) is “Privilege“, where she explores the difference in how having a European passport can bring in different social contexts. “Daughter Daughter” is another favourite of ours. Here she talks about her connection with her home country, Burundi and the ties she formed with her family over there.

Betina Quest sharing her music experience

The multi-instrumentalist shared with us the inspirations behind her works and also talked about her music explorations among other things. The LP according to the musician, “is not just an album, but also has photography and poetry in it”.

“It’s not just an album or just music, but there is also photography and there is also poetry. So it was important for me to dissect the lyrics of this project and elevate it as the poetry I believe they are…and so we have three art forms with which we play around and reach an audience with”

Betina Quest

There’s more to this project that we’re looking forward to before the album drops: the live performance, where she plays the entire project with the other collaborators, as well as the gallery opening for the photography aspect of the project. Make sure to follow her for more updates.

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